Monthly Archives: August 2013

What is the RC4 Data Centre?

A complex build which began March 2013, the RC4 data centre ensures high-performance, reliability and scalability features for all affiliated RC4 projects. Ready for use in the Fall, this system will enable teams to build their own software utilizing modern cloud concepts with scalability and performance in mind.   As RC4 grows year-after-year, our infrastructure plans have been designed to accommodate our needs for the years to come.

RC4 works with a growing network of SMEs — OnTab is one of them. The team provided support for OnTab’s market readiness application which included a reference letter, letter of support, assessment of technology and how it addresses market needs. RC4 and OnTab will continue to collaborate and discuss how the technology will be brought to market.

Most recently, OnTab received their OCE voucher for commercialization.

OnTabFor more information about OnTab, please visit: