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RC4 Office

Our team at RC4 is recognized for its ability to introduce disruptive and innovative solutions. What may not be communicated as frequently is our strong scientific research capabilities, which are on par with research labs of the same nature.

At RC4, research has a robust life cycle which is imperative to the growth and dissemination of our ideas. When a manuscript is published, it is not only the tangible industry-related outcomes but the ongoing growth of our impact (such as the h-index) that we will oversee as the centre continues to grow.

Recently, both Hossein Rahnama, Managing Director of RC4 and researcher, Arman Masoumi published research — making our group established and recognized as thought leaders in cloud and context-aware computing.

Hossein , along with 11 International researchers, published and contributed to the article Playing MUSIC — building context-aware and self-adaptive mobile applications in Software: Practice and Experience. The journal publication was based on guidelines for Model Driven Development of Ubiquitous Software.

Ryerson was the only Canadian co-author of the paper. SINTEF, one of the largest research organizations in Scandinavia, Telecom Italia, Telefonica and the University of Kassel in Germany were also contributors. Since the publication of this journal, many of its components have been commercialized for entities such as Metrolinx and the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

Another notable publication at RC4 was co-written by Arman Masoumi, a researcher on our team who is also pursuing his Master’s in Computer Science at Ryerson. Titled Reasoning about Chemical Reactions Using the Situation Calculus and published in the AAAI Fall Symposium: Discovery Informatics 2012, Arlington, Virginia, the publication has been widely circulated worldwide and is well recognized in the field.

We’re incredibly proud of our accomplishments to date and while many are tangible deployments, there are a multitude of high-impact scientific successes that continue to earn citations in academia. Hossein and Arman’s are only two of a list of papers of which RC4 has contributed to worldwide, aiding the growth and notoriety of Ryerson.

love computer

The growing demand for personalized information and customized experiences was the subject that brought Nora Young to speak with Saul Greenberg, Professor and NSERC/iCore Chair and Hossein Rahnama to her show. Hossein talks to Nora on the emergence of Web Of Things and role of Big Data.

If you missed the live airing of the show, it is still available on the CBC Radio computer