The Ryerson Centre for Cloud and Context-Aware Computing (RC4) is Ryerson’s newest research and commercialization Centre. Building on Ryerson’s successful model of entrepreneurship, innovation, and experiential learning, RC4 brings together mobile technologies, predictive software, and internet connectivity to match services with our individual needs and preferences. RC4 is helping to pioneer the future of computing technology by providing the critical mass of infrastructure, experts, and collaboration necessary for our partners to stay competitive.

RC4’s mission is to create knowledge, commercialize research, create jobs and improve productivity and performance in Southern Ontario

RC4 offers its partners a wide range of resources to address diverse research and infrastructure development needs:

  • Access to leading edge research and consulting;
  • Access to emerging technologies and trends;
  • Hosting on RC4 cloud infrastructure;
  • Opportunities to collaborate on developing and deploying solutions;
  • Access to knowledge-based resources and networking opportunities;
  • Access to a highly trained talent pool to help support research and development projects.
  • Context-aware platforms and applications to help you to improve business processes, reduce enterprise costs, attract and retain new customers, improve workforce management and effectiveness
  • R&D support, including highly trained personnel, to create new products and services
  • Performance and productivity optimization through technology adoption consultation
  • Expert consultation on technical barriers and trends
  • Introductions to potential clients, suppliers and partners through Ontario’s leading network of Cloud and context aware innovators.

Are you looking for research support? Interested in working with RC4?

Opportunities are available for industry, start-ups, researchers and students alike.

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