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HealthCare Lunch and Learn
Technology is changing the healthcare sector in dramatic ways. Innovations such as cloud computing, data analytics, 3D and mobile technologies are improving response times, catching preventable diseases earlier and have improved the overall delivery of essential services. Join us for an interactive panel discussion about the current state and future direction of healthcare technology. The panel will feature experts from IBM, Deloitte Health Services, St. Micheal’s, Saint Elizabeth Healthcare, and Prompt Alert Inc.
Cara Commons, TRS 1-148 & 1-150
Ted Rogers School of Management
55 Dundas Street West
Toronto ON  M5B 2K3
This workshop is free and lunch will be providedRSVP Here by April 28

IBM NoSQL Workshop April 2015

As part of our ongoing series of workshops led by IBM Analytics, RC4 in partnership with the Ryerson Launch Zone hosted a workshop on NoSQL databases for a group of 55 developers looking to expand their expertise on April 16th. In this 2-hour workshop IBM Senior Manger Raul Chong reviewed the history of databases, why NoSQL was created and the types of applications best suited for this type of database. As Raul and his team explained NoSQL (sometimes referred to as Not Only SQL) databases do not adhere to the traditional relational database management system (RDMS) structure. As a result NoSQL databases are increasingly being used for big data and a real-time data applications. To accommodate the diversity and complexity of these applications different types of NoSQL databases have been developed and understanding the type of NoSQL database to use for your application can be a challenge. At this workshop there were four types of NoSQL databases were discussed:

  • Key-value: fast data access
  • Document: flexible structure
  • BigTable/Column-oriented: large “reads”
  • Graph: connected data

Following the lecture IBM staff led a demo and hands on exercises to with a NoSQL database to help attendees better understand how they can use these databases.

For more information on this workshop and the topics covered you can access the presentation here.

These workshop are open to everyone looking to develop their skills and network with professionals working in cloud and context aware applications.

Don’t miss our next workshop on Working With Data and Analytic Warehouses on April 23rd!