An acronym for Context-Aware Vehicular and Logistics Information Systems. 

The project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, is a unified software framework that delivers a series of intuitive, easy-to-use and customized Traveller Information Services (TIS). 

CAVALIS has helped with the analysis of existing Intelligent Transport Systems for the purposes of identifying opportunities for enhancement of Traveller Information Services through Cloud Computing, Context-Awareness and Ubiquitous Computing. Similar deployments will be able to improve driving conditions and traffic flow in big cities all over the globe to optimize traffic, enhance road safety and improve operations.

CAVALIS features a self-adaptive user interface that changes based on the speed at which a vehicle is moving in order to prevent driver distraction. Real-time government notifications are delivered based on situational context including; road closures, construction, border wait times, ferry schedule and parking availability within the proximity. Emergency notifications for ambulatory vehicles, fire trucks, police, snow plows and so on can be activated giving drivers advance notice to move aside and clear the way. The Sony SmartWatch accessory has also been integrated for the delivery of quick, concise alerts on the driver’s wrist.