The amalgamation of industry trends and academic research have informed the conceptual framework and experience design for an interactive augmented mirror system, Echo.

Echo is an interactive mirror equipped with an augmented display of interoperable widgets, as well as a receptive display screen that adapts and responds to a user’s actions.

Echo is designed to improve the efficiency of day-today life by providing end-users with customized and contextually relevant information. Each personalized profile is activated utilizing facial recognition. Initiating a user’s individual profile will prompt a series of customized widgets that provide live updates and information pertinent to the end-user’s day-to-day schedule.

Through gesture recognition and motion detection, Echo’s receptive display screen provides users with augmented tools that are best suited to assist their current task at hand. Through gesturebased interaction, Echo is able to respond to a user’s actions by initiating extended mirror functionalities pertinent to their needs.

With Echo, there is no need to search or navigate for information on a mobile app or desktop computer- Echo’s widgets are interoperable; that is, they communicate with one another so users won’t have to browse through each idiosyncratic widgets, as all relevant and timely updates will be displayed in realtime on the notification display, which can be found on the left-side panel of the mirror.

Echo_01 Echo_02

Echo – Smart Mirror from Victoria Pietsch on Vimeo.

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