University-related mobile news and services 

With support by Ryerson University, RC4 developed the Ryerson Campus Assistant; a tool that provides students and faculty with relevant, university-related mobile news and services while they are on campus.

Class schedules, staff directories, campus facility hours and so on can be mapped to geo-fenced spaces and become readily available through one simple user interface. Ryerson Campus Assistant is a real-time information vehicle through which secure social networking, university notfications (both mass and targeted) as well as content dissemination can be performed in one cohesive platform.

Key features of the tool includes:

  • Students can search the availability of computers or study space on campus in real-time and book if available.
  • If a user is lost, Ryerson Campus Assistant identifies their location using GPS, situates them on a campus map and provides directions.
  • Through opportunistic social networking, the application can introduce students with similar interests and complementary academic schedules